Lab Notes

Lab Notes are brief, nontechnical descriptions of some of Lincoln Laboratory's most intriguing engineering innovations and their potential impact.


Lab Notes from Volume 22, Number 1

Published July 2016


cover of LL Journal, v.20, n.2

Lab Notes from Volume 20, Number 2

Published August 2014

Looking Back

cover of LL Journal, v.19, n.1

Lab Notes from Volume 19, Number 1

Published July 2012

Looking Back

18-2 cover

Lab Notes from Volume 18, Number 2

Published May 2010

Looking Back

  • Wideband Radar › Lincoln Laboratory reseaerchers built the world's first long-range wideband radar and launched a new era in defense radar and satellite imaging capability.

18-1 coverLab Notes from Volume 18, Number 1

Published August 2009

Looking Back

  • Space Needles › Project West Ford proved that survivable communications were possible.

17-2 coverLab Notes from Volume 17, Number 2

Published November 2008

Looking Back

17-1coverLab Notes from Volume 17, Number 1

Published November 2007

  • Pump on a Chip › A microfluidic lab-on-a-chip moves tiny volumes of fluids around on a silicon chip without the use of external pumps and valves.
  • Small Packages › A new way to squeeze compound semiconductors onto silicon chips promises smaller, more efficient microelectronics.
  • Power to Go › Integrating a thermovoltaic device with a butane-fueled combustor yields an efficient source of portable power to challenge batteries.
  • A Little Light Work › Getting silicon to respond to light could usher in a new era of integrated optical devices.
  • No More Babel? › An algorithm that accounts for parts of speech lowers a key barrier to real-time language translation.
  • Detector Avoids Speed Traps › Photodiodes sensitive around 1.9 micrometers could sense biological and chemical agents.
  • Shadowy Work › Arrays of telescopes figure out what satellites are doing by looking at their silhouettes.

Looking Back

  • Saving a Satellite › Forty years ago, a Lincoln Laboratory team spent agonizing hours waiting for a pioneering UHF communications satellite to wake up.


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