Annual Report

LL Annual Report

The Annual Report summarizes Lincoln Laboratory's technical accomplishments, technology transfer activities, administrative initiatives, and community involvement during the past year.

2017 Annual Report (pdf)

2016 Annual Report (pdf)

2015 Annual Report (pdf)

2014 Annual Report (pdf)

2013 Annual Report (pdf)

2012 Annual Report (pdf)

2011 Annual Report (pdf)

2010 Annual Report (pdf)

2009 Annual Report (pdf)

2008 Annual Report (pdf)

2007 Annual Report (pdf)

The Lincoln Laboratory Journal

LL Journal 21-1

The Lincoln Laboratory Journal reports on work performed at Lincoln Laboratory and provides a vehicle by which to share a portion of our technical work with the larger scientific and engineering community.

Journal Volume 22, Number 2

Lincoln Laboratory Journal Archives

Lab Notes

Lab note icon

Lab Notes report on current technology or news from around the Laboratory. Lab Notes are published in the Lincoln Laboratory Journal, but are initially released via this website.

Lab Notes



Tech Notes

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Tech Notes describe innovative solutions to technical challenges and illustrate the Laboratory's capabilities in diverse fields.

Tech Notes

MIT Lincoln Laboratory Facts

Facts book cover Facts is a brief compendium that outlines Lincoln Laboratory's
  • Role as a federally funded research and development center
  • Major projects accomplished over the last 63 years
  • Mission areas
  • Specialized facilities
  • Professional development activities
  • Collaborations with MIT campus
  • Workshops and courses
  • Educational and community outreach programs

   2016–2017 Facts (pdf)

Lincoln Laboratory Community Involvement

LL Community Outreach Booklet

This Lincoln Laboratory Community Involvement report describes Laboratory programs offered to employees as a means by which they may become an active part of the community. Through these outreach programs, Lincoln Laboratory increases awareness of local needs, provides educational guidance or commendation, and enriches the educational background of its staff members and employees. The Laboratory community is happy to engage in community giving year round.

Community Involvement Brochure 2017

Community Involvement Brochure 2016

Community Involvement Brochure 2015

Community Involvement Brochure 2014

Community Involvement Brochure 2013

Community Involvement Brochure 2012

Community Involvement Brochure 2011

Community Involvement Brochure 2010

MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Technology in Support of National Security

Cover image of Lincoln Laboratory's history bookThis comprehensive history of MIT Lincoln Laboratory was published in 2011 on the occasion of Lincoln Laboratory's 60th anniversary. More than 100 people contributed to the writing of the book, helping to capture the Laboratory's legacy of innovation in service to the nation.

Full text of the history book (pdf)




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