Technical Report Series

TR-# Year Author(s) and Title
TR-426 1966 Crane, R. K., Microwave Scattering Parameters for New England Rain
TR-483 1971 Crane, R. K., Description of the Avon-To-Westford Experiment
TR-497 1972 Cartledge, L., Labitt, M., Teele, J. H., Yates, R. D., An Experimental UHF Ground Surveillance Radar, Volume II
TR-498 1973 Crane, R. K., Analysis of Data from the Avon-To-Westford Experiment
TR-518 1976 Crane, R. K., Low Elevation Angle Measurement Limitations Imposed by the Troposphere: and Analysis of Scintillation Observations Made at Haystack and Millstone
TR-582 1982 Evans, J. E., Johnson, J. R., Sun, D. F., Application of Advanced Signal Processing Techniques to Angle of Arrival Estimation in ATC Navigation and Surveillance Systems
TR-828 1990 Chornoboy, E. S., Initialization for Improved IIR Filter Performance
TR-942 1992 Chornoboy, E. S., Doppler Mean Velocity Estimation: Small Sample Analysis and a New Estimator



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