CodeJitsu targetted CSDS running KPRCA_00065 in round 23.

Type 2 POV

Reading from protected address: 0x4347c000

0x804d311 : int 128

The application exited with a segmentation fault

0: 0 // esp: 0

Execution control corruption via return (return to: 0xbaaaafa8).

Tracing data from eip: 0x8048e02 tracing source of memory: 0xbaaaafa8 (value: 0x804d2f8)

0x804d333 : receive syscall (return)
0x804b2dd : mov dl,byte ptr [ecx+eax]
0x804b2e6 : mov byte ptr [ecx+eax],dl
0x8048e02: ret // address: 0xbaaaafa8 value: 0x804d2f8

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