Qualifying Event Style Sample Challenge - LUNGE_00003

Original Versions

Known Vulnerabilities

  • CWE-476 - NULL Pointer Dereference

Author Information

"Brian Caswell" bmc@lungetech.com

DARPA performer group

Lunge Technology (LUNGE)


This is a template challenge binary for use within DARPA's Cyber Grand Challenge showing DECREE IPC can be used to replicate pipelined processes.

Feature List

Three binaries are linked together via socket pairs. The network input is fed to the first, which is fed to the second, which is fed to the third, which is returned to the network.


Upon specific input (input beginning with 0x4142), there is a opportunity for a Null pointer dereference.

Specifically, in service.c:26 the input buffer is checked for the condition starting with 0x4142. Then pointer p is set to 0. Finally at service:28 p is accessed:

p[0] = 10

Generic class of vulnerability

NULL Pointer Dereference

CWE classification

NULL Pointer Dereference CWE-476


This CB is only provided to show only the organizational structure used to create IPC challenge binaries.

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