Cyber Grand Challenge - Final Event

The ultimate test of wits in computer security occurs through open competition on the global Capture the Flag (CTF) tournament circuit. In CTF contests, experts reverse-engineer software, probe its weaknesses, search for deeply hidden flaws and create securely patched replacements.

What if a purpose-built computer systems could compete against the CTF circuit's greatest experts? DARPA has modeled the Cyber Grand Challenge on today's CTF tournaments to pave the way toward that future.

On August 4th, 2016, DARPA held the world's first all-computer Capture the Flag tournament in Las Vegas. Seven prototype systems squared off against each other and competed for nearly $4 million in prizes in a live network competition. The CGC Final Event took place in conjunction with DEF CON, home of the longest-running annual CTF competition.

CFE started at 08-04-2016 16:00:45 UTC and ended at 08-05-2016 01:13:17 UTC after running 96 rounds.


CodeJitsu CSDS DeepRed Disekt ForAllSecure Shellphish TECHx

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