Qualifier Challenge - KPRCA_00052

Original Versions

Known Vulnerabilities

  • CWE-476 - NULL Pointer Dereference
  • CWEs are listed as indicated by the challenge author.


  • CodeJitsu: 3.55
  • ForAllSecure: 2.33
  • Lekkertech: 2.33
  • DeepRed: 0.47
  • Disekt: 0.22
  • TECHx: 0.0
  • Shellphish: 0.0
  • FuzzBOMB: 0.0
  • TrailofBits: 0.0
  • The maximum score for each challenge in CQE is 4, following the CQE Scoring Document.

Passed consensus evaluation

  • CodeJitsu - CB1
  • DeepRed - CB1

Proved a POV in reference challenge

Defense against reference POVs

  • CodeJitsu: 100.0% - CB1
  • Disekt: 66.7% - CB1
  • DeepRed: 66.7% - CB1
  • Lekkertech: 33.3% - CB1
  • ForAllSecure: 33.3% - CB1

No submission

  • Eighth Place Team
  • Eleventh Place Team
  • Fifth Place Team - Finalist
  • First Place Team - Finalist
  • Fourth Place Team - Finalist
  • Ninth Place Team
  • Second Place Team - Finalist
  • Seventh Place Team - Finalist
  • Sixth Place Team - Finalist
  • Tenth Place Team
  • Third Place Team - Finalist
  • Thirteenth Place Team
  • Twelfth Place Team

All Submissions

DARPA performer group

Kaprica Security (KPRCA)


This application is a pizza ordering system. It is deisnged to help employees at a restaurant track order requests.

Feature List

The service allows an employee to input an order into the tracking system. To prove that a user is trusted he or she must first authenticate into the system. Once Authenticated the user may:

  1. Input Order Allows an employee to input an order, add toppings to a pizza, remove a pizza from an order
  2. Update Order Remove and add new pizzas to an order
  3. View One Orders
  4. View All Orders
  5. Delete Order
  6. Clear All Orders
  7. Logout


The ordering system assumes all orders will always have at least one pizza. It uses this assumption to try and properly estimate a wait time. In order.cc:19 the initial max wait time is set to the 0th index pizza's prep time.

The bug is due to a missing check when removing a pizza from an in progress order. The text that suggests a user can remove a pizza from his or her order is missing. In the unpatched version the command parser will still allow you to enter the delete option and create an order with no pizzas. Printing the order causes the null pointer deference.

Generic class of vulnerability

Null Pointer Dereference

CWE classification

Null Pointer Dereference (CWE-476)


This challenge will test a system's cabability against a C++ binary. The binary tries to include as many C++ paradigms as possible. Including namespaces, templates, multiple subclasses, etc. The bug itself is not specific to C++.

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