Final Event Style Sample Challenge - service-template

Original Versions

Author Information

"John Q Public"

DARPA performer group

Lunge Technology (LUNGE)


This is a template challenge binary for use within DARPA's Cyber Grand Challenge. Typically, a concise, descriptive summary of the service appears here (i.e. A library service to help manage books.).

Feature List

This section should describe a 'feature list' suitable for a 'play-by-play' announcer during CFE. (i.e. This service supports adding new books, checking out sections of a book, keyword searching, compression, and special features such as deciphering contract officer language into understandable English.


Upon specific input (input beginning with 0x4142), there is a opportunity for register set PoV or secret data leak.

Specifically, in service.c:108, the input buffer is checked to be starting with 0x4142, wich signifies if a POV should be generated.

If the following byte is 0x43, then a Type 1 POV is executed by setting a function pointer and argument from the socket, then calling the function.

If the following byte is not 0x43, then a Type 2 POV is executed, where the entire contents of the flag page are returned.

Generic class of vulnerability


CWE classification



This CB is only provided to show only the organizational structure used to create challenge binaries.

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