NASA Project Report Series

NASA-# Year Author(s) and Title
NASA-A1 1998 Cole, R. E., Richard, C. M., Kim, S. K., Bailey, D. B., An Assessment of the 60 km Rapid Update Cycle (RUC) with Near Real-Time Aircraft Reports
NASA-A2 1999 Rhoda, D. A., Pawlak, M. L., An Assessment of Thunderstorm Penetrations and Deviations by Commercial Aircraft in the Terminal Area
NASA-A3 1999 Johnson, C. W., Isaacson, D. R., Lee, K. K., Expedite Departure Path (EDP) Operational Concept
NASA-A4 2001 Thompson, S. D., Bussolari, S. R., An Operational Concept for the Smart Landing Facility (SLF)
NASA-A5 2002 Campbell, S. D., Contributions to the AIAA Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference
NASA-A6 2006 DeLaura, R. A., Evans, J. E., An Exploratory Study of Modeling Enroute Pilot Convective Storm Flight Deviation Behavior
NASA-A7 2006 Martin, B. D., Evans, J. E., DeLaura, R. A., Results of an Exploratory Study to Develop a Model for Route Availability in en Route Airspace as a Function of Actual Weather Coverage and Type
NASA-G1 2000 Grappel, R. D., Issues Involved in the Development of an Open Standard for Data Link Aviation Weather Information
NASA-G2 2000 Grappel, R. D., Internet Over the VDL-2 Subnetwork – The VDL-2/IP Aviation Datalink System
NASA-L1 1994 Matthews, M. P., Campbell, S. D., Dasey, T. J., Cockpit Weather Information (CWI) Program Summary Report for FY1993
NASA-L2 1997 Campbell, S. D., Dasey, T. J., Freehart, R. E., Heinrichs, R. M., Matthews, M. P., Perras, G. H., Rowe, G. S., Wake Vortex Field Measurement Program at Memphis, TN Data Guide
NASA-L3 1998 Dasey, T. J., Cole, R. E., Heinrichs, R. M., Matthews, M. P., Perras, G. H., Aircraft Vortex Spacing System (AVOSS) Initial 1997 System Deployment at Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW) Airport
NASA-L4 2000 Perras, G. H., Dasey, T. J., Turbulence Climatology at Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW) Airport – Implications for a Departure Wake Vortex Spacing System
NASA-L5 2001 Cole, R. E., Denneno, A. P., Matthews, M. P., The AVOSS Winds Analysis System
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