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Sophia Yuditskaya

Yuditskaya, S., O'Melia, S., Herzog, J., Khazan, R., Usable Identity Management for Tactical Devices, in Military Communications Conference (MILCOM), Classified Track, 2011.

Yuditskaya, S. Automatic Vocal Recognition of a Child's Perceived Emotional State within the Speechome Corpus. M.S. Thesis, MIT Program in Media Arts and Sciences. August, 2010.

Khazan, R. and Yuditskaya, S. A Wide Area Nework Simulation of Single-Round Group Membership Algorithms. 4th IEEE Int'l Symp. on Network Computing & Applications (NCA '05). July, 2005.

Yuditskaya, S. Towards Implementing Group Membership in Dynamic Networks: A Practical Evaluation Study. M.Eng. Thesis, MIT Department of EECS. May, 2005.

Khazan, R. and Yuditskaya, S. Using Leader-Based Communication to Improve the Scalability of Single Round Group Membership Algorithms. 10th IEEE Workshop on Dependable Parallel, Distributed, and Network-Centric Systems (DPDNS). April, 2005.



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