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Hamed Okhravi

Okhravi, H., Comella, A., Robinson, E., Haines, J., Creating a cyber moving target for critical infrastructure applications using platform diversity, Elsevier International Journal of Critical Infrastructure Protection (IJCIP), Vol. 5, Issue 1, March 2012.
(Journal Article)

Okhravi, H., Comella, A., Robinson, E., Yannalfo, S., Michaleas, P., Haines, J., Creating a Cyber Moving Target for Critical Infrastructure Applications, Critical Infrastructure Protection V, J. Butts and S. Shenoi (Eds.), IFIP International Federation for Information Processing, Springer, 2011.
(Book Chapter)

Okhravi, H., Johnson, A., Haines, J., Mayberry, T., Chan, A., Dedicated vs. Distributed: A Study of Mission Survivability Metrics, Proceedings of IEEE Military Communications Conference (MILCOM), Nov 2011.
(Full paper)

Jahid, S. , Gunter, C., Hoque, I., Okhravi, H., MyABDAC: Compiling XACML Policies for Attribute-Based Database Access Control, Proceedings of the 1st ACM Conference on Data and Application Security and Privacy (CODASPY), February 2011.

Okhravi, H., Haines, J., Ingols, K., Achieving Cyber Survivability in a Contested Environment Using a Cyber Moving Target, High Frontier Journal: The Journal for Space and Cyberspace Professionals, Volume 7, Number 3, 2011.
(Journal Article)

Okhravi, H., Bak, S., King, S., Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Covert Channel Attacks, Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Homeland Security Technologies (IEEE HST '10), Waltham, MA , November 8-10, 2010.
(Full Paper)

Okhravi, H., Robinson, E., Comella, A., Yannalfo, S., Michaleas, P., Haines, J., TALENT: Dynamic Platform Heterogeneity for Cyber Survivability of Mission Critical Applications, Proceedings of Secure and Resilient Cyber Architecture Conference (SRCA'10), McLean, VA, October 29, 2010
(Full Paper)

Okhravi, H., Sheldon, F., Data diodes in support of trustworthy cyber infrastructure, Proceedings of the Sixth Annual Workshop on Cyber Security and Information Intelligence Research (CSIIRW'10), Oak Ridge, TN , April 21 -23, 2010
(Full Paper)



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