19 – 21 September 2006

Looking Forward, Looking Back: The Next Ten Years of HPEC Technology, Its Impact on Future DoD Systems, and the Lessons Learned from the Past Ten Years

The HPEC 2006 Workshop gives U.S. Government-funded researchers from academia, industry, and the military an opportunity to discuss techniques, approaches, and ongoing developments with relevance to real-time embedded signal processors. Highlights of this year's Workshop include several notable speakers.

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Author/Presenter's Deadline: 30 August 2006

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Distinguished Speakers:

Keynote Speakers:
Dr. Anita K. Jones, University of Virginia
Dr. Robert E. Kahn, CNRI
Mr. David R. Martinez, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Banquet Speaker
Prof. Rodney Brooks, MIT

Invited Speakers
Mr. James D. Broesch, General Atomics, Inc.
Prof. William Dally, Stanford University
Col Stephen "Scotty" Fairbairn, SIAP
Dr. Charles Holland, DARPA IPTO
Dr. Craig L. Keast, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Dr. Jeremy Kepner, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Mr. Jerry W. Oesterheld, SimVentions, Inc.
Mr. Rick Ridgley, NRO
Dr. William S. Song, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Dr. Erich Strohmaier, Lawrence Berkeley   National Laboratory
Dr. Andre M. Van Tilborg, OSD

The full agenda for the workshop will be available in late August.

General Chairman
Mr. Robert A. Bond, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Technical Chairman
Dr. Jeremy Kepner, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Advisory Committee
Dr. Richard Games, MITRE
Mr. David R. Martinez, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Conference Coordinator
Ms. Holly Musto
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
244 Wood Street, J105 A
Lexington, MA 02420
Phone: (781) 981-4842
Fax: (781) 981-2555
Email: hpec@ll.mit.edu

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