HPEC 2006
10th Anniversary
19– 21 September 2006

Presenter's Corner
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Will Software Save Moore's Law?

Distinguished Speakers:  

Keynote Speaker
Brig Gen Gary Connor | Commander C2ISR Wing, Hanscom AFB

Banquet Speaker
Prof. Michael Cusumano | MIT Sloan Management Review Distinguished Professor of Management

Invited Speakers
Mr. Robert Graybill | Program Manager DARPA IPTO
Mr. John Grosh | Associate Director for Advanced Computing ODUSD (S&T)
Mr. James Kahle | Fellow IBM Systems & Technology Group
Prof. Charles Leiserson | MIT CSAIL
Dr. Roy Lurie | VP of Engineering, MATLAB Products, The MathWorks, Inc.
Dr. Douglass Post | Chief Scientist DoD HPCMO
Dr. Vivek Sarkar | Senior Manager Programming Technologies IBM Research