The workshop will give U.S. government-funded researchers from academia, industry, and government working in this important area an opportunity to discuss techniques, approaches, and ongoing developments with relevance to real-time embedded computing and related military applications. During its fourteenth year, the HPEC 2010 workshop will have as its theme:

Custom clouds & general purpose GPUs: their impact on DoD applications.

Special Notice

Multicore Matlab Tutorial 14 September 2010
VSIPL++ Tutorial 14 September 2010
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Mission Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Peter Lee / DARPA TCTO

Technology Keynote Speaker:

Mr. Robert Bond / MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Banquet Speaker:

Prof. Rahul Sarpeshkar / MIT EECS

Invited Speakers:

Dr. Patrick Dreher / University of North Carolina
Prof. Rahul Sarpeshkar / MIT EECS
Dr. Piotr Luszczek / University of Tennesee
Dr. Allan Snavely / San Diego Supercomputing Center
Mr. Richard Schooler / Tilera
Dr. Robert Lucas / USC ISI

Panel Session: ISR Clouds

Distinguished Panelists:

Dr. Patrick Dreher, Renaissance Computing Institute
Ms. Diane Gibson, Cray Inc.
Dr. Jeremy Kepner, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Mr. Chris Rezendes, VDC Research
Dr. Niraj Srivastava, Raytheon

Important Dates and Information

Workshop dates: 15–16 September 2010
Banquet date: 15 September 2010
Abstracts submission deadline: 20 May 2010, Extended to 27 May 2010
Notification of acceptance: 25 June 2010
Copyright Release form due: 9 August 2010
Disclosure Authorization form due: 9 August 2010
Foreign Visit Authorization form due: 6 August 2010
Registration and Banquet forms due:
($220.00 Workshop only; $265.00 Workshop and Banquet)
3 September 2010