Everest Huang

Williams. E. R., Castro, D., Boldi, R. A., Chang, T., Huang, E., Mushtak, V., Lyons, W., Nelson, T., Heckman, S., Boccippio, D., The Relationship Between the Background and Transient Signals in Schumann Resonances, 11th Int. Conference on Atmospheric Electricity, pp. 758-761, 1999.

Huang, E., Williams, E., Boldi, R. A., Heckman, S., Lyons, W., Taylor, M., Nelson, T., Wong, C., Criteria for Sprites and Elves Based on Schumann Resonance Observations, Journal of Geophysical Research, Volume 104, Number D14, pp. 16, 943-16, 964, 1999.
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