DARPA Intrusion Detection Evaluation Results

At the time of this update (January 2007), we believe that all who participated and wish their results to be made public have done so. Please refer to others' publications for individual results. When citing our research and these corpora, we would very much appreciate it if you would cite the following publications:

1998 Evaluation

Lippmann, Richard P., David J. Fried, Isaac Graf, Joshua W. Haines, Kristopher R. Kendall, David McClung, Dan Weber, Seth E. Webster, Dan Wyschogrod, Robert K. Cunningham, and Marc A. Zissman, Evaluating Intrusion Detection Systems: The 1998 DARPA Off-Line Intrusion Detection Evaluation, in Proceedings of the 2000 DARPA Information Survivability Conference and Exposition (DISCEX), Vol. 2. 2000, IEEE Computer Society Press: Los Alamitos, CA. p. 12-26.

1999 Evaluation

Lippmann, Richard P. and Joshua Haines, Analysis and Results of the 1999 DARPA Off-Line Intrusion Detection Evaluation, in Proceedings of Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection, Third International Workshop, RAID 2000 Toulouse, France, Eds. H. Debar, L. Me, and S.F. Wu, p. 162-182, Springer Verlag, 2000.


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