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Qualifying Event Infrastructure

Final Event Infrastructure


Haxxis/TraceAPI work together to generate multiple visualizations from the Cyber Grand Challenge, or other events that utilize the same data format. TraceAPI ingests round bundles that contain all the events from a given round (score data and game events like fielded IDS rules, replacement binaries (RCB), and proofs of vulnerability (POVs)), generates a web dashboard of the round data, and exposes that data via API to Haxxis. 

Haxxis uses that data to generate videos, interactively explore game state at a high level, or interactively explore even extremely specific details such as the execution trace of a given combination of IDS, POV, and RCB. 

Haxxis is composed of a visualization engine that allows for configurable data pipelines that allow for a wide variety of visualizations to be customized and created, and a video generation server that automates rendering of existing pipelines into videos.

TraceAPI is available for download at
Haxxis is available for download at

Installation instructions for each package are available in their respective README files.



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