The workshop will give U.S. government-funded researchers from academia, industry, and government working in this important area an opportunity to discuss techniques, approaches, and ongoing developments with relevance to real-time embedded computing and related military applications. During this thirteenth year, the HPEC 2009 workshop will have as its theme:

Diversified and heterogeneous computing architectures and their impact on DoD HPEC systems.


Mission Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Robert H. Latiff / Maj Gen, USAF (Ret)

Technology Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Richard Linderman / Air Force Research Laboratory

Banquet Speaker:

Dr. Sigrid Close / Los Alamos National Laboratory

Invited Speakers:

Prof. Dennis Gannon / Microsoft Research
Mr. Kenneth Gregson / MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Prof. Peter Kogge / University of Notre Dame
Dr. James Lyke / Air Force Research Laboratory
Mr. Richard Ridgley / National Reconnaissance Office
Dr. Norman Rubin / Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
Dr. Jeffrey Vetter / Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Georgia Institute of Technology

Panel Session: Survivor: Computer Architecture

Distinguished Panelists:

Dr. Richard Linderman  / Air Force Research Laboratory
Prof. Rajit Manohar / Cornell University and Achronix Semiconductor Corp.
Mr. Andreas Olofsson /  Adapteva, Inc.
Dr. Norman Rubin / Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
Dr. David Scott / Intel Corporation

In memoriam: James C. Anderson

Important Dates and Information

Workshop dates: 22–23 September 2009
Banquet date: 22 September 2009
Abstracts submission deadline: 21 May 2009 – Closed 28 May 2009
Notification of acceptance: 26 June 2009
Copyright Release form due: 21 August 2009
Disclosure Authorization form due: 21 August 2009
Foreign Visit Authorization form due: 7 August 2009 – Closed 7 August 2009
Registration and Banquet forms due:
($260 Workshop only; $310 Workshop and Banquet)
3 September 2009